Know Love ft. Aaron Flewellen

by Taelor Gray

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Knowing how to Love requires knowing Love Himself.

1 Corinthians 13:11-12


Sometimes you don't know, 'till you know...

Verse one:

Ten years back, braids in my hair
Summer time came, put waves in my hair
Didn't really like dreaming, you could catch me wishing
I ain't mess with wicca man I used to stuff a swisher
Sober me was powerless to get me what I want
I'm a living sacrifice to Y.ou O.nly L.ive O.nce
...but we ain't have Drake
Suicidal symptoms had me dreaming 'bout my wake
Oh, oh am I awake? cuz I ain't gotta girlfriend
So Imma let the lines blend
Saying we're platonic
But really if we're honest,
We know this aint a give and take, it's take it all and we don't make deposits
So we hold each other hostage
No ransom, then it's so random
Like "Tae, you so handsome"
She's giving me a handgun,
Bullet through her heart, 'cuz I'm pulling this apart


I made such a mess with,
My whole life, it just let me with questions
'cuz I ain't know Love
I aint know Love
I aint know Love
I aint know Love

I need something to rest in
This a immature, childlike confession

I gotta grow up
I gotta grow up
I'm trying to grow up
I'm trying to grow up

Verse 2:

Five years back, Christ in my life
Elevationists, me n Chris was on the mic
BJ was fresh off sabbatical
Deante was the manager, he's got us making capital
Locksmith, the live band getting loose
Trying to change the game like a Christian rap Roots
See we saw the ladder and we just had to climb up
Really didn't matter, 'cuz we knew someone would sign us
Little did we know, the next year would really try us
God was showing us His will, it didn't really line up
With our dreams, things started happening
Disappointment racked up, and then we stopped rappin
But God is so sovereign,
We ain't need fame with a heart full of nonsense
See the process exposed us
and we ain't need exposure


Verse 3:

And now I'm on that 1 John 3, what manner of Love
Mercy will endure, you see what stamina does
In the wingspan of a dove, I'm under His shadow
I am done with these shackles
I am so free,
I'm Loved by this God who really knows me
Yo I see Him, and I see perfection
Can you see Him, cuz I've seen perfection



released November 21, 2012
produced by Ra Charm



all rights reserved


Taelor Gray Columbus, Ohio

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