The Straw Man

by Taelor Gray

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Deconstructing the idea to reveal the reality. Incorporating personal experiences, social commentary, and Biblical application, I'm seeking to expose the straw man that is the perception of Taelor Gray by displaying who/what defines who I really am. In a general sense, I'm also providing a picture of the real conflicts, constants, and convictions a Christian person wades through in every day life.


released November 28, 2013



all rights reserved


Taelor Gray Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Details
Graduated Groveport High,
You can see me and my cohorts fly
Social status, but a no sport guy
See my family told me go for the sky, so
So I went to State on a scholarship
But I almost failed second quarter
Learned bout my marijuana tolerance
But somehow knew my steps was ordered
Man that's a snapshot, snapshot
Off the goal like a slapshot
Alcohol in my bloodstream, in "Flight" looking for the blackbox
Pyro looking for the matchbox, I'm going down in flames
But if I'm gon, gon live, someone has to land this plane
Plane, I was gone off that cush blend
Holdin "Help Wanted" like a push pin
Yeah I hear my momma prophesy
Yeah I heard it, but aint buy it- Spotify
My small eyes looking distant
Man I kept that Love Below up in my discman
Saw my first stripper for a crisp 10
Was 16, still rappin like a Christian
No fairy tale, aint no Belle and Beast
Aint no touched by an angel, no Della Reese
But I got my happy ending, His grace drew me to repentance, now I'm rooted in redemption and it's PEACE
Now the Lamb's glory is my theme, spit that pen of ready writer for the glory of the King
My former life don't even parallel
I was dead, and I didn't handle peril well
Now I got this power in my body, and it not just super powers man its power over folly and its grace
Ace Hood got them Bugattis, Migos got Versace, Lady Gaga paparazzi, but its fading
When you see that sky split, fire in His eyes lit, laughing at your trinkets He gon snatch off them disguises
Dead in Him gon rise and you saying "your Highness," bowed low to the floor, He rides in
People say they sick of trap beats
Man I was sick of having trapped feet
Stuck in gunpowder call me black sheep
Now I'm washed clean, find me at that track meet running
Running running well at the races
Race aint a race, we don't even know what race is
Why the church so racist? Segregated Sundays still happen many places
It don't matter what the color of my face is, color just another type of brother in the faith, kid
Or a sister, Love gon help us fix it
It's gon take some patience and some thick skin
Yall be needing haters just to feel something,
I'm staring at this crater trying to build something
It's crazy, so is me forgiven
Now everyday a mission
Graduated Groveport High
With the same college email
Transformed, no more lies
See that truth is in the details
Track Name: Vapor
Times...times are in His hands
Time is in his plan, timing is His plan
See he created time, time was his idea
Light was the beginning, days turned into years
Jaw dropping when you think,
Think bout ink blotted man in a book,
Book of life make you shrink-
You can Drink from the fountain
Or you sink, sink drowning in a lake full of fire
You think power has a shape?

Power is a song? What you call strong? Benching 500?
I wonder what type of muscle it takes to bring up the sun before dawn,
And synchronize your yawn, just so you can flaunt
Ha, they be tryna make it small
Tryna call it fake I be tryna laugh it
Now I got abs, all creation talkin to you, you ain't gotta ask

I been thinking all this time something's holding me back,
Like something's in my way-
But I can't see you
I can't see you
I been wasting all this time,
But I know every breath is a gift
So what do I have, how long do I have it?
I'm tryna imagine...till it turns real

You ain't tryna see me on this mic
Nah bro really---really?
Man these Christian rappers kill me
We be thinking we SPITTIN- but that don't make a difference, quote a couple Bible verses they think you too religious
We cornering the market, we in the corner fighting over rapzilla shine,
And half our music garbage
I'm saying sober up- we might as well edify
Put your swag away, you only sold 2k
Its embarrassing, politics and bickering
Tryna breach mainstream crying for significance
Might as well build appeal
Spend your time writing lyrics, might as well make it real
Community and grace, even vice versa
Stead of fighting over scraps we can build the church up
Hope I find some takers,
We begin construction as soon as we can face it

I been thinkin all this time, something still holding me back
But I can't see it, I can't see you
But when something gets in my way, I know that you got my back
So all you have I can have it, feel I can grasp it
and its feeling so real, yeah its feeling so real
man its feeling so real, so real to me
Track Name: Square ft. Joe Cooper

Couldn't watch that movie, it was rated R
Never heard that song, it was gospel in the car
You had them baby J's, I was rockin sandals
You watching Rap City, they done blocked the channel
Everything around me had a Christian theme
Wearing uniforms to school, so just one pair of jeans
Reading comics, playing Sonic wearing glasses
Back before the fashionable frames made of plastic
Turtle power in my turtlenecks
Hip hop music never heard of it
All changed in that 6th grade life
Puff Daddy was the first rapper that I liked
Rocking Nike Cortezes think I'm cool
But them high school years so cruel
Now I wanted ladies, yeah I wanted ladies
Told em told em I was born in the early 80s
Lied about the year tho, how they gon hear tho
I just came to public school bout a year ago
Here go I made it up, confession bro I made it up gave em all these stories and they ate it up
But they ain't know who Taelor was...I ain't know who Taelor was
All these Relationships that I had built wasn't made of trust, knew I had to trade em up...I knew who the Savior was
Just had to let Him see me...He saw I was made of dust

I couldn't look you in the eye, cuz I got my head low
Thought I wasn't living, thought that I was missing out
So this for everybody tryna fit's no wonder you don't fit in (fit in),
now I be like

We ain't squares no more (4x)

If they see something different, you just tell em keep on watching- cuz they're the ones that's missing out

So this started in Columbus, back in June 1984
My daddy my momma had a little baby boy
They said I didn't cry, wish I knew what I was thinking
Wish I knew what it was like for that second when it sink in
That I'm here...
Wish I knew it was rare to have both parents
Most my friends ain't seen a healthy marriage
But all these problems WE create
It's self inflicted damage, so its like I can't relate
I'm naturally skeptical, overthink my solutions
You ain't selling me no dreams, I know it seems like I'm proving you right
When you thinkin I'm self righteous in my music
Me tryna explain just be sounding like some excuses for real
But I be feeling disrespected
Typecasted as sheltered, downplaying my perspective
Like I should apologize for every good thing I've gotten
Shallow end of regrets, cuz I ain't swimming in your drama
And I know it's all grace
But people stay jealous like I throw it in they face
Like I can't just be glad that I ain't have to go through it
But still know that it's real, take your stories and use it
For reference and teach others that they can be different
Tell em to be more than the next Robert Griffin
And he could be cool, but my point is identity
They say you ain't living life till you model the Kennedys
Violence and scandal like some kinda validation
Beef up our stories so they impressed with our salvation
This is for everyone ever called a square
Under pressure to use their testimony to compare
I'm right there--right there with you
Let's be brave enough
Pride is the issue
Lets just focus on the cross...we can't say it ain't enough, we won't say it ain't enough...look to Jesus

Cuz He gave it up, homie look He gave it up...tried to take His life, they tried but He raised it up...this is resurrection, there isn't a greater Love...let's walk in that freedom freedom that He gave to us...
Track Name: Temptation ft. D. Marshall
I hear him whisper, it's all to familiar
All too chameleon how it blends in the picture
Of sincerity and goodness while it tempts me to sip of its elixir of aromatic mixture
Power of suggestion, doubt and fear induced
Introduce the dynamic of a flesh and Spirit truce
Senses come alive, now allowed to drive
And choice becomes mirage- you take a dive

Gettin on my flight, head low with my headphones on
This attractive lady now sits on my right
Now my wedding ring has this gleam that I ain't ever seen
Her glance becomes a chance I can take or leave
I can take my leave, from everything that I believe
I can just be single for the night, maybe mingle for the flight...see where things lead
You see where things lead...

Seduction, intoxication-skews the view of the scenario
See you can choose the outcome
You can choose to pray or be prey for the falcon
You should choose today
Which one you will serve
Witch hunts aren't the goal, look we all got our faces
But one day we gon face Him
In the case for our soul
But He took on temptations, and took on what we couldn't
We are not good, we're relying on His goodness


I'm asking myself should I stay or should I leave
But I know that if I stay I might let temptation get the best of me, temptation get the best of me
You only live once is what they keep on telling me
But by His strength I refuse to let temptation get the best of me, temptation get the best of me
Track Name: Lambs

Swear you seen us in the club
Poppin Mollies
Might have seen us at the polls
Voting Romney
See its so easy just to typecast us with the Westboro Baptists or the multicolored suits up in churches looking ratchet
History will paint us as oppressors
And I ain't tryna say we spotless, but most that bear the name is playing dress-up
And we's hard to find the real ones, but we here- we ain't happy with them hundred dollar bill ones
They don't want us in the schools
Unless its controversy, they don't want us on the news
Watchin John Stewart- mocking all the ministers
Marriages is so ravaged by the pornographic images
And we fighting on our knees
Fighting for your souls,
All the grief from what we facing only God knows
Got us all, bottles up...
Got us gone Mazal tov

Silencing them Lambs
They be silencing them Lambs

Silencer applied, right between the eyes- they ain't have a chance

I don't know what you think
Lets clear this up, I don't owe you an answer
but we gon strip it down
n I don't owe you no dances
We getting real, you aint seen sacrifice
till you snatched out your world on that red pill
Snatched out your bed with an weapon at your head
Your daughter crying in the next room in her crib
Cuz aint no questions when they poppin,
Its dead, dead bodies when you questioning they doctrine
ain't no freedom of religion, nah you sitting in a cell
Bleeding from your body, reminiscing when held
your wife in your arms, told her you gon hold some meetings
So you start it as a secret, and you found a few believers
Now your house up in flames, everybody scattered
But somehow you gotta peace almost like it don't matter
Its open season, you the heathen that the mob's for
That same faith you cried for, the one you die for

Silencing them Lambs
They be silencing them Lambs

Silencer applied, right between the eyes- they ain't have a chance, they be silencing the lambs

They don't care what we on
They don't care what we believe
Respect it though
Evangelicals are lumped in this group of low intelligence, fabricated fellowships, desperate relics scrambling for relevance
So to pick us off is simple
We care what ppl think so we tippy toe the fence tryn not to be judgmental
Muffling our voices,
Swear we way too boisterous,
Causing too much trouble I'm just waiting till they hoist us
On the same cross, we gon pay the same cost- suffer and we reign till we see the day star
Swearing that it's worth it, but they ain't on they job less they working
Curses up at God while they slandering the churches
We ain't fighting flesh n blood
But it's war
We gon keep on preaching, while we caring for the poor
We know someone want us off the planet
We ain't taking it for granted, we getting stronger when you

Silencer applied, right between the eyes
But what's death to somebody who already know they died
Track Name: Scars

I'm leaving, gotta say peace
It's almost too hard to release
All the family I've built cuts deep
But remember that I'm leaving more than guilt here
It's a complicated dance, and I'm two left shoes
I was just in my black tie wit two step shoes
Bracing for the backlash- take a deep breath
I know in my heart I gotta take these steps
They won't understand, I'm just have to take it
Smile when I see em, I'm gon have to fake it
Yeah it hurts when you leaving a church
And you can't look back when you starting your search
And I know it's not a building
But the way ppl treat you, you get caught up in the feeling

Picking up the pieces with the Scriptures
Talkin with my real friends, who don't treat me like I'm different
Those relationships came with some conditions
On every week attendance and surface level friendships

Truth is, you ain't wanna leave
Your heart is torn up about it, you been tryna grieve
Your wife lookin at you, you still tryna lead
Comfort zone is gone, you just tryna breathe

I'm talkin like its you, when really bro its me
Been tryna work this out, it's hard for you to see

All the bitterness I'm fighting, feel like I'm goin crazy
Attacks on my mind, never knew I was this angry
I know my best, best efforts were broken
But I'm sick of people questioning my motives
Told me buy in, I bought a hundred shares
I pull out and now I get judgmental stares
Yeah I see the snares, yeah I know I'm tripping
But He catch me when I fall, like listen
You just followed orders, now I'm ordering your footprints
Imma grant you courage, trust me it's a good gift

I saw all your efforts, you just keep praying
Just keep Loving mercy, I'mma send you ravens
I'm gon show you church, you gon see my Body
Ain't nobody perfect, but I make em godly

You can still Love em, even from a distance
You wont lose nothing, my grace is sufficient

I been tryna trust You
I been tryna trust You
So even if its just You
Your grace is always been sufficient
Track Name: Homiletic ft. Kai

Im On my Bed of happiness
Fell out the sky to a sea of tempurpedic mattresses
Call that grace
Grace that call with an answer
Place that "Clause" with cupids, Comets, and some Prancers
With your antlers so you fly, bring your presents to the rooftops
Blast your message loud- like some pink n purple tube socks
Oh I'm not clear- I'm so Huey like its Boondocks
Color commentary like Rahim with his boom box
Radio, I might not make the radio
But my pretty lady still carrying my baby tho
I may not ever see six figures
But there's hundreds in my fold, for those afterlife expenses
Everlasting riches- fire tests the real gold
I couldn't pay the debt, there was ransom in his billfold
Lowers my defenses, this is homiletic
It's not apologetic, yet so apologetic

The basis of this gospel of grace is
Jesus saved us as Savior, disgracing satan with payment
of blood of propitiation, so every nation can taste it
His graciousness keeps on chasing us; chastening us
I hasten for the hastening of
The Day of the Lord's appearing; I'm peering inside
the voice of God that I'm hearing inside
like "That's amazing enough..."
The race coming up has me lacing em' up
I don't say that to convey that I rush
I pace when I paint what I touch
Taking my brush to thrust, in the Gospel...
for the benefit of others
To leave every canvas covered
Because those words in red...
They cover every color
I'm an artisan for the art of Him
Homiletics via artwork
Don't get it twisted, it isn't our work
The same power that makes the stars work
Also makes these bars work
God's word is the method
God's word is the weapon
It goes against my grain (migraine) in ways you won't find in Excedrin
You won't find an exception...
This vehicle for change contains horsepower you won't find in an Intrepid
I'm progressing towards a wedding... by His grace I'll make the guest-list
Matthew 7 keeps me sober as I move closer to my exit
So whether song or sermon...
Eternity's what I'm immersed in
Cause tomorrow really is promised, though your location's not for certain
The better location's not for purchase
Nor is it for just "good persons"
Repentance to Jesus yields replenishment in season
And that's Real to believe in
So Dear Captain America...
when the Real God drops His hammer, your shield will be no defense
And "iron sharpens iron" so it's irony to me to see
that only the blood of the Son of Man
can now sustain what iron can't
So much for iron, man (Iron Man); don't let that stop your Marvel
Worship's up in our arsenal
Steady fire 'till Zion lands

This is not your diaper dandies, best put on your man clothes
Its not quite folklore, its like sermons with a banjo
Is it me, seems my eyes a bit misty
Felt like I got super powers when my momma used to kiss me
As a boy, now I'm grown and its like everything's so jaded
Feeling kinda Sappy singing never woulda made it
Feeling kinda happy, when I think about His payment
Was counting up my wages, I fell short up in my savings
Think I'm lookin fresh, Liz be saying I'm too matchy
Stay neutral, while this culture playing cowboys and apaches
Full of brainiacs and scientific geniuses
Who can't detect life hearing heartbeats from the fetuses
PETA-ists give Labradors their health care
And we think less of human beings living off of welfare
I'm flabbergasted couldn't mask it if I tried
Tried and true is my advocate, the master of the skies
Seas and everything between
Get butterflies to think this monarchy's supreme, with eternal God and King
Just glad I had my peace to say
Never catch me spending retail to cop some beats by Dre
And I'm hearing just fine...just like the Father
Though not just like the Father...or not the Father
I close these Ecclesiastes with conclusions of the matters
Pray until you've prayed...give embraces to your pastors
Track Name: Beauty
There's beauty in sex, beauty in wine, beauty in holidays and quality time
there's beauty in danger beauty in anger beauty in first exchange between strangers
There's beauty and theology beauty in psychology beauty in design find it in apologies
beauty in color beauty in surprise
Beauty in the grimace of the 24th try
Beauty in a jog a moss covered logs beauty in the fog like we can't see it all
There's beauty in Satchmo, a Barcelona Castle
beauty in classic cars, 4 axles
Beauty in the owl, Duncans 6th foul
Fresh Prince jokes and Russell Crowe scowls the redwood, and campfires my moms leading songs with the choir
The underdogs rally, the Frasier finale
Beauty when the moon hits an A8 Audi
In different taste palates, aurora borealis
When Bob Ross first discovered his talents
Love those strings, must be The Lord
Who gave us the Chris Nolan Batman score
It's beauty in it ALLL
Imma just stay in awe
And the mostest beautiful thing
Is the lady that shares my wedding ring
Every time I see her
Skin like French vanilla creamer
Or hazelnut...maybe just hazel
On my best behavior

She my Calvinist Corinne Bailey Rae
Can't wait to see lil baby Gray
That's beauty...yeah that's beauty
Track Name: Phoenix ft. Tres Carter
Man I'm chillin on this joint
Can't explain it, can't explain this feeling in my heart
And I don't let emotion and devotion share the same glass- but I can't see the sun lookin through the stain glass
See me sippin new wine, and I'm lit
You thinkin I been drinking lemme tell you bout this gift
Now I'm preaching now I'm sheepish when you looking at me strange
I can't help it homie I ain't been the same
Since I met Him on the edge, catching vertigo
Now my vantage point staying vertical, my affection vertical
I don't really understand the least
But the deeper I be goin, just need a couple peeks
Just need it like a Phoenix flying headed to its home
It's comfort when I know you never leaving me alone
I'm finding fascination ain't a chore
While im seeking-You can catch me waiting on The Lord...

Please don't think I'm weird when I say this
Swear it's man i swear like I'm goin super saiyan
Anime, animated lookin for my Savior
All these clouds where we at, while you staying
Man I'm lookin for the Son
Yeah I'm looking for the Son
Find me lookin for the Son

Yeah I'm autotunin on this verse
You can find me talkin to the Ruler of this earth...yeah I know
Yeah I know I'm human, everyday I prove it...its something superhuman bout this work
So I surf...waverunning on this verse
You can catch it ain't no feelin like His presence you can't match it you can't find this satisfaction
When you takin all that liquor to the head
Tryna get the all the baddest ladies in your bed
Trust me homie, you can't see they lying to you
You can't see they tryna fool you, they don't want you seeing freedom they gon keep on trying voodoo
But you can leave that Mardi Gras, deuces to them Barbie dolls
Once you see the sun, ain't no carpe diem
It's red letter, go to sleep
Till He wake you up, He be countin sheep
Now the sun risin over the horizon good morning to forever- gone like
Track Name: Ambiguous

Whaddup Hip hop, my favorite subculture
Where they smoke Cush, get hooks from frank ocean
Rock a Raider's starter and forever change Oakland
Every 5 years, revisit whose the dopest
Gotta few of our kind that's knocking
Tryna get an audience with the artists in the top ten
Tryna get an audience different from the norm
Finding that the ambiance is strippers n a Porsche
Ain't tryna raise the standard, aint tryna change the standard
They making sure the Truth stays the standard
Musically we done lessened the disparity
Now we hoping that you hear our messages with clarity
Tryna build real relationships on the surface
But best believe that we looking for conversions
That Don't mean it ain't genuine
We aint bait n switchin we just staying on mission

It's more to this heat
It's a drought out here and they parched,
Yeah I gotta couple pails of water but it's dark
Who gon cut the lights on, Who gon light the path?
If we stay up in the shadows when they parched...they gon go thirsty
Have mercy-
Gotta get it when it's day
We gon need that sunshine
Lets tell em why we here, time to make it clear

This the postmodern age of non confrontation
Passive aggressive eggshell conversation
Easily offended, we rather stay PC
We rather being quiet then coming off preachy
Wait...y'all remember Paul's words to Timothy
Preach and exhort as vital to the ministry
We mis-quote St Francis of Assisi
And run the risk of Christians being branded as some sissies
When historically it's boldness that defines us
The Holy Spirit's work, He gives us words when the time comes
To share, to preach, to teach, declare
We all been equipped, there's grace when we scared
We don't really like the term holiness
Seem like the new evangelism is to coexist
God forbid. This ain't life from a test tube
It's radical depravity, and man we got the best news

He said its one God, many different paths
I said there's only one God, many different drafts
He took out a cigarette, he took a little drag
Said that's some real ish bro, I ain't even mad
So I chilled, yeah I chilled I ain't get up in His face
But I wondered if he caught that I was tryna show some grace
Like bro we not the same, dap me up n think it's cool
My heart is broken for you, man if you only know
I been tripping in my mind like, have I really showed
The difference- Love, joy, peace n self control?
I ain't tell him bout my church, man we ain't read no verses
I just hope he saw a sinner, stead of a religious person
I'm just tryna put a stone in his shoe
Waking up his conscience to think about what's true
Versus what's a lie, clearly examine
Just hope the seed planted turns back the famine
Track Name: Churchy ft. Aaron Flewellen
I see you in church
I see you in church
I see you in church
You look good on Sunday
I know that there's more than what we see on Sunday,
We can honestly say, that there's more
There's more for you Lord

I be singing...choir for my church
Choir for my school, I wish choir was my work
All my friends got groups,
I sing backup when they need me
Then I'm back up in the praise team
Sunday you can see me
I know all the songs, all the keys
Solos they be callin me
James Fortune, Ricky Dillard
Nothing is to hard for me
I'm gon play, playin church is all I know
All i know is playing church, church lets put on a show

And I'm turned turned up gon wit my dance moves
I call that my praise break
You don't know what I'm goin through
Need that affirmation, that affirmation tryna find it
Its a tragic story homie you hear them violins

I'm callin fire from heaven, can't you see it?
Seeing is believing that's the reason I be preaching
Preaching Signs, and them miracles, them wonders
Spiritual my language...say I been torn asunder
I seen The Lord in Singapore
Speak a blessing, leave em poor
Thinking they ain't got enough faith
Preach a Word you need a genie for
You just get three wishes
You just get three Scriptures
My accountability low, we don't need three witness
Man I'm gone, blessed and highly favored
Gotta get this money man I better hide the Savior
So I tell em do what passa say
What massa say, massa say
Cuz if they see the Word, they see it's all gon pass away

I am not a Calvinist- I'm a Christian
Hold the doctrines of grace and God's sovereign decision
Let's keep the right identity
It's never been a remedy to put personal emphasis in the place of supremacy
Ohhhh...we turn to stalkers
Exalting authors above the Author and Perfecter, turn to scoffers
To those who ain't scholars--ain't up on their Puritans
When we really should check our hearts against our assurances
Don't mind me I'm just tryna hide my pious-ness
It's way too easy to get caught up in my biases
I know man it's so real so I'm fighting every day
Let Christ hold all my righteousness and let this flesh decay
Track Name: Plight (the machine)
I'm at a loss for words, but I'm sure I'll find some...
Rummage through these thoughts,
Digging up salt, I can smell the wounds- I can tell its dark, cuz I can feel the apathy of a people torn apart
Listen to the meadowlark, but the song kinda sad, the kids need a better park
Cuz them shots rang, now it's blood stained, another tombstone
In a place where fairy tales are two parent homes
And the street lights make all the little kids roam
Till they've grown to a social workers problem
Fathers been gone ever since they been a toddler
Up in group home till momma kick her habit
It doesn't help the schools are academically ravaged
A neighborhood is rib shacks and check cashers
Grocery store has bruised grapes and browned over cabbage
Don't understand wealth cuz they don't have it
Medicate kids till they turn addicts
Keep a Planned parenthood posted
Like a symbol for why the families are broken
The legacy of Margaret Sanger
Murder black babies, where's the anger?
Ain't tryna hear Jesse, or the black caucus
I don't wanna hear Sharpton, we need to be sharpened
And we be tryna deify Obama
He's got a huge part to play with in this whole saga
Abortion is genocide of Biblical proportions
And hip hop music's a napalm bomb
Im just stating the obvious
106 and park's got kids in the audience
Teaching the young girls on how to be a diva
Twerkin like their favorite RnB singer
Fellas tryna die for that cash
Break hearts first, keep commitments last
A kid with a hoodie got popped
by a cat on neighborhood watch
And it's on, we on that racial profiling
Hard pill to swallow watching Bill O' Reilly
Someone took away our dream
When streets in the hood is named for Dr. King

If I don't care, is this the coldest I can get?
The suns out, what's the polar opposite
Its on display like its own art gallery
Sad thing is its reality, and I'm like-
Where's truth on the inward?
Have we been too lax with the n word? Plaxico gun
Im gon give the saxophone some
Track Name: Prophesy ft. Skye
He Setting up shop in the highest place
Circle of earth, watching Adam find a hiding place
Indescribable creatures in rotation round the throne
Temple filled by His robe
When He speaks the world is
Woe to those who reap the whirlwind
When it's time to judge, you gon see world end
Just ruler, total sovereign knowledge
Turn to powder every mocker, every false goddess
This like Achilles in Troy, laughing at your forces
Silly trustin in a milly, he's laughin at your forbes list
The all merciful, powerful Creator
Ain't subject to opinion, or these blogs or debaters
Check the Spirit breathed literature
Spirit-led ministers...homie they gon tell you He ain't miniature
Tell you He ain't far, omniscient ever present Lord
I hope you don't meet Him on the threshing floor
He sees detail, infinite attention span
Immortal, all wise- but came as a defenseless lamb
And He gon vindicate His people
Ironic how the Lamb becomes shepherd of the sheepfold
Iconic how He's always self sustaining, self sufficient,
Self existent, His God-hood self explaining
No mythology, no Iliads from Homer
He really is the Bridegroom, we're really just a Gomer
Check Hosea if you don't quite catch the reference
Let's maximize the moment to usher in His presence
You'll never see His glory diminishing
Ayyo Skye, go head finish it
Track Name: Bars ft. Christon Gray
In the moonlight, seems like
You keep me under lock and key--locked away
Nowhere to hide, but find me dancing in the dungeon---I find release

Idle with my idols, shift to Ryan Gosling
Drive...moxy- this Holy Spirit proxy
Communicates my next move
Every step is graceful, shades of Bing Crosby

I be staring at these bars
Prisoner of listeners
Hoping they be caring bout these bars

Thus begins my sentence
Thus begins my sentence, saith God, in old English verb tenses

I hope you're catching it, my rhymes should come with a catchers mitt
But it's rarely at a faster pitch
More like capernick just outside the pocket
It's gain either way, look I'm game either way

They say art imitates life but I'm feelin we be wanting the reverse
Searching for answers or a canvas we can penetrate like I'm defined by my verse or we defined by our works

Like we can trust it... Muskets stuffed with gunpowder, just to make us louder- really we just cowards
Really we just clouded
See the daylight, but we late night Jimmy Fallon sittin on that lonely island

Please like my status, please like my magic...I'm wearing all these hats just to pull you out these rabbits

Applaud...a fraud. You can see the farce
But I'm with Paul n Silas cuz I'll stay behind these bars
Track Name: Iron
Y'all ain't tryna slapbox with bars,
Feathers getting ruffled
Hope your beats match your bars,
Sonic and Knuckles
You want transparent, look I'mma give you see through
I done got some Christian rap albums I should skeet shoot
But these Christians tryna to rap is so sensitive
Tell em get better, and they pout it's so ridiculous
Yall makin music just to keep the kids hyper
Imma writer, poet with a touch of Norman Geisler
But I started from the bottom, find me workin on my craft
BJ made me freestyle, I always went last
I was 15 when they told me I was weak
Kam, Chris, Bird caught me rappin off beat
Motivation jump started me, rap became a part of me-parallel the fact the Word of God added sharpening

Hold up
Hold up

Now I'm just cooling-this is recreation
All them blood sweat and tears done turned to second nature
Now it's automatic, stead of dogmatic- this ain't no game of thrones, y'all pretty boys can have it
I'm tryna find a witness
Casting lines for the fishes
For the rappers still convinced that our God is monolithic
Not evangelistic, I think music is
a bridge
Just my opinion y'all can leave it where it is
I been spending time studying the art form
Its like we forgot why we even use the arts for
All this competition, compromises product
Up in Sears tryna find your size in Prada
Consciences is seared call me McAfee, the virus is in apathy
half our innovation's from the Japanese
It's like we got some second hand swag-but
God bless America's merchandising flag
Yeah they got me too, tryna fight against the system
If I'm dissin, I ain't distant, I been way too superficial
Tryna be a Christian while I'm battling my vanity
Try not to buy kicks, so I can give financially
Yeah I hear the Spirit but my nature so bossy
I ain't read Radical, I know what it's gon cost me

Hold up
Hold up
Hold up

Yeah that's the ugly, you can take it with the pretty
Or just judge me, you can miss me with your immature committees
You can find me snickering, chewing on some licorice
I'm so cool they put my lyrics on they Pinterest
There I go, nah y'all ain't praying for me
A former legalist, in need of grace to help support me
Still, if I'm listening to secular I'm studying
Ain't lookin for no artists I can get all buddy-buddy with
They tryna get your worldview slanted
I know I keep ranting, but the consequence is rampant
Can't believe they market these fiascos
It's like they want you see, just so you keep your eyes closed
I'm reading Tennyson, while I'm eating venison
This worlds full of Jacobs, all bout they Benjamin's
If you aint catch it, homie I'm just venting
Clearing out the air ducts, firming up conviction
Hope it's like Vicks on your chest
When it's all over find me taking deep breaths...
Track Name: Trouble
I wonder if you'll hear this
a Wonder Woman fearless, wonderful appearance
But I remember looking in your cold eyes
I'm just trying pick the knots of these soul ties
Just tryna pick the locks of the trap door
I'm trapped more by the memories- why I bring em back for
Tryna find my words, I knew this was over 'for it started
See I was full of I won't call you Scarlett
Cuz black widows leave you dead n while they walk through your blood like red carpet, broken hearted starlets
All those plane tickets and promise rings, when we ain't know what promise means
Tried to push it but the Spirit said otherwise, I just shrugged it off as butterflies
Remember leaving you that voicemail saying I was engaged- knew that was the last one
Tried to pull a fast one...I regret it everyday

I just hoping you forgive me

Back from summer camp on some God saved me
Like look what God gave me, new life so let me just cook it up in pies and throw it in they faces
I'm clowning on my high horse- judgmental statements
Almost like my newfound life had bearing on performance
Like it gives me rights to be everyone's concordance
Ego was enormous
But I thought that I was helping
All them Scriptures verses came with motives that were selfish
And I'm just now a song no less
Just now addressing this I caused a rift
Between friends...old and new.
Its me telling you that I'm an older new...looking with a sober view
Really I'm no better,
Wish I had discipleship, I killed you with the letter
Self righteousness had my chest puffed
Just a rook in my chess club, got my flesh smug
So thanks to those who long suffered
I can say we all suffered

And I'm so sorry

Man...Why you so difficult
See you witchur fishing pole, so what you fishing for
Everything good, why you asking questions
Leave well enough alone, focus on the blessings
Your opinions cause rebellion and division
Why you online blasting, we already know we sinners
What's the point of all those Paul Washer clips and prayer services
You need to humble down, focus on the good
I'm sorry I agree, but you know how zealous I am
Feel like God told me tell em how jealous I am
I'm really trying to bring the balance to all my convictions
My hands to the plow, I'm treating all my blisters
With that balm of Gilead we both know
The boldness that we claim to have we really don't show
I never meant to be the bad news bearer
Just tryna elevate the good news in this bad news era
...hope you see my efforts