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by Taelor Gray

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Somehow 02:25
Bottom line the homies made moves Homies paid dues You ain’t see the politics, but homie gave clues Find me batting clean up—G’d up Married to the Queen of Sheba Like she Dina offa Dreamgirls Young Martin choose Coretta over Gina Balance offa hybrid or sativa My bro Armond is the dreamer I just keep the peace like Geneva Keep my stocks private, and keep my socks cheetah My baby girl really love her mom so she watching how I treat her This is just my beam up far away from what they tryna sell you Man I’m still tryna figure out what I really wanna tell you Living in the shadows, living in a chateau Paradise in the hood, life from the macro God with us, look what God give us, doing everything to try Him never saw God give up You gon count the cost when you looking at my Melanin Call it reparations I’m just looking for my Settlement Still ain’t heard from Kendrick but still up in my element Marriage bed undefiled praying for the celebate Life will keep you humble when you looking at the damages Navigate the lions like it’s every bit of Daniel 6 But Imma keep the hope up on this journey A ram sets you free and the goat is for the jury Changing up the language for the cynics Man I might travel out East and get discipled by the mystics But they made a brand out the misfits The people on the margins disregarded in the pigpens I’m so glad that the Father waits for prodigals I left home twice man who you throw this party for Lately I been praying for the kids Whatever world we leave them we should teach them to forgive That been weighing heavy on my heart Keeping it a stack ain’t no better place to start That’s just me looking to the future Tryna stay present for the moment that the truths for Are you hearing these words Lord tell us what to do with time Can you wait a little longer Can you help us make the climb Lord I know you got the secrets Some things come with time Somehow we getting stronger Somehow we doing just fine
Dear Malcolm 02:04
I got so many questions Questions you can’t answer but the exercise will stretch me I’m in a place where my voice can make or break me Thinking bout the risks involved if the powerful will hate me If I’m real about it pastors let me down The prophets taking money under tables—the psyche of the people so unstable this is fatal all around typically the sound coming from the black and brown All the vulnerable—living comatose They only visit with you for the quotables I been living off the images you showed me Composure under crisis, regal Axel Foley Prime Eddie Murphy never had to face the dogs Brothers turned accomplices with FBI involved I read about your moms, with different hair texture When your pops got murdered and she held it all together Till they tried to call her crazy and they took you out the home Never could imagine all the anger in your soul Your father was a preacher but he taught you Marcus Garvey You turned into a hustler, but you couldn’t disregard it Years later you explored it through religion The system you submitted to could tell that you was different Without knowing you would outgrow it, use your mouth knowing that something had to change Im amazed at the logic of ppl who would say that you’re a terrorist Like a black man’s freedom look like arrogance And really I can’t hear that in America You taught me how to criticize and still keep your character You called the white man a devil Somehow that made them fear you, cuz there’s nothing they could tell you That made you mythical, but you were visible You fortified your knowledge over prison food and even as a pastor you’re influence I’m drawing from your strength as I seek to lead a movement They said you ain’t a prophet cuz they question your profession But I’m gon make them question if they ever heard your message
I woke up with the turntable playing Phoebe Snow Secrets in my soul only on a need to know 2 weeks of snow got the days feeling long My wife just told me she don’t listen to my songs Lol lol I be laughing in the text Like she really can’t imagine what’s gon happen next Used to live by trap houses, credit cards maxed out Long distance phone calls, my ex girl tapped out Someone stole the Bible that I kept all my notes in Glad I know the Christ I put my hopes in He don’t speak no European Dont respond to DMs, if it’s late in the PM Just know that I’m reading em Ay yo how I’m sposed to save money working at a shoe store Quarantine living, tell me what I need you for If I had my way I would pull up in a 2 door If I had my way I would never need to do more Gimme that introspection If it ain’t real then the kids gon questions The adults hit you with a silent nod Most of us only seen one side of God Are we gon talk or we gon play with this Was is just a moment or are we gon stay with it Was it really nappy when she braided it Was we really naming it back when we was claiming it Yeah we gotta go there Ain’t no talking no code here I really do miss Jurny Big on the mic I wish I woulda saved bread earlier in life I been been catch up learning everything I can Watching YouTube channels catching up on comic book Just as nerdy I can, plus 30 grown man Tryna keep the Gray name sturdy as I can Cuz we done took some low blows Everybody feel it Still we got some new born babes started living So let’s start living—life come in waves Learning how to wave at all the old days Nostalgia, throwing peace up to the founders—lemme change my styles up, looking at my closet like lee change my style up this is how we round up


released June 25, 2021


all rights reserved



Taelor Gray Columbus, Ohio

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