Hopeless Romantic

by Taelor Gray

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Love songs from a inconsistent lover


released November 23, 2012



all rights reserved


Taelor Gray Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Hopeless Romantic
I see you standing there knocking
See I was hoping for a locksmith
'cuz I'm locked in, no options
gotta let you in through the hole with the foxes
I know that sounds so obnoxious
You sent gifts but I'm muzzling the oxen
You sent prophets, you sent doctrine
Sent me a graphic novel full of Watchmen
but I closed it, yeah I chose this...
See me drowning in a puddle of emotions
Make yourself at home, I try to keep it tidy
its quite tiny 'cuz of all these boxes
but I see you brought chocolates
Woah, I'm feeling so thoughtless
What am I dressed in, all of this flesh man
Sorry I left you with such an impression
of me...I made the wrong investments
Still denied knowing you post resurrection
So my love song is weak
Playing with my cracked voice singing off beat...I'm hopeless


But here I am, I gotta chance it
See I've got a chance at
Getting a glance and that's all I need
Is for you to take notice, 'cuz in romance I'm hopless (2x)
Track Name: Look Like
Verse 1:

Yep I'm deep, fresh from the high dive
Underwater city sipping bubbles on a high rise
You say I'm too deep, you're paying me a compliment
Scuba diving mysteries from hands that crafted continents
Don't need oxygen, in Him we have our being
Got my Bing submarine with a search engine
Deep call out to deep, so I say what's up to Aquaman
I know you can't see with all that red up in the doppler cam
Faith works, diving into James 2
Found myself lying in my coffin when I came to
Dying is a gain, practice with your taxes
Dependent on the cross, watch the Holy Spirit claim you
I'm James Cameron in my Sanctum
Fisherman with fishes, living water fills my tank up
I drowned a long time ago, waving off the coast guard
Find me going deeper, but now it's just the Ghost part


I am such a Christian, hoping that you listening
I ain't tryna rock the crowd but you can put your fist up
What you seen before may not look right
I am born again, tryna show you what it look like...Its looking like
Yeah I Love Jesus
Yeah I Love Jesus
Yeah I Love Jesus
Can't count the reasons
but yeah I Love Jesus
Yeah I Love my Jesus
Yeah I Love Jesus
Track Name: Champions ft. B.Moses
Verse 1:

TG- When the Son of Man Returns, will he find faith on the earth/
Anticipation resting on the face of the church/
Is He really gonna snatch down the drapes of the church/
and find a congregation full of racists and flirts?

BM- Ain't no way around the truth, just face it it hurts/
Aint you sick of Satan spittin in the face of the church?
Man we way off track, we need the glory of God and flesh won't get it back
and you silly if you think that

TG- ay B, man they shrink back from the pink pack, and they suffocate the Truth like they mouth full of shrink wrap/
So flip a coin till you modify our mantra/
In God we trust, but Gospel is a genre?

BM- Excuse me your honor/
You trying to tell me that its illegal if we kill a bald eagle but we slaughter babies?
Our mother's womb is a tomb/
The wickedness of man, indeed we living in a strange land

TG- People are strange man, listen to the Doors/
They'd rather vote Republican than listen to the Lord
These pastors twist up the Scripture like Obama does
Pervert our monikers with Lukewarm thermometers


We are the champions
Don't ever tell God what can't be done
Just look around, the world think we won't stand
but this aint about man...
We keep our hands to the sky (sky)
We keep our hands to the sky (sky)
We keep our hands to the sky, 'cause there's only one King
This one's for the REDEEMED
Track Name: The Coming ft. Tres Carter
Verse one:

Christ is God and King, the most excellent
There's absolutely nothing that can boast next to Him
He sets precedent before it's precedent
and effortlessly glorifies His Name through both testaments
2 Peter 3 got me blacking out
You aint never gonna hear this track and ask me what I'm rapping bout
Nah, I aint lying, meet the Lion, see em crying where they hear that trumpet like a siren...there go Zion
They gon bow, they gon bow. Jesus coming through the clouds
Don't you blink, see that sword, yeah it's coming out His mouth
Yeah it's coming out His mouth, but my Lord aint a carnie
You gon see that sky open, coming with His army
To tread the winepress, wrath and severity
Yall only want to hear about that marriage feast
But this is war, I hope you learn soon
See those kings of the nations gon face HIM
I'm tryna tell you that He's coming, I don't know who's running
Get to running when the Judge gives you the summons
See the Son is on His job, think the summer is to hot?
See that fire in His eyes, and some don't really think He's God?
He aint running for it, coming for His bride
everybody left to fight Him, they gon tremble when they see Him in the sky
On that horse, they get hoarse when He roars
See that Judah's got a Lion...King of Kings Lord of Lords
I'm a voice, you gotta choice to listen to
You can kiss the world goodbye, aint no mistletoe
Cuz when He's coming everything better scatter
Man yall thought it all was finished when you left Him bruised and battered
but, He got all power in His hands, see them cowards hit the fan
when that hour is at hand
We gon shout, we gon shout up to the Lamb like "forever you are worthy"
I can hear them footsteps all yall better seek Him early
Track Name: Sonic BOOM (Ode to "holy" Hip Hop)
We up in Genesis, the chapter 1 is innocence
We knew a simple bite of fruit would be our finisher
The serpent paint them images of God-like benefits
If you just take a bite, or if you just click "like"
These rappers want the throne, Y got em watching it
Jay got em watching it
Bizzle throwing shots at it
'sposed to be opposite, but we want a gospel hit
the glamour and successes only Soundscan documents
These Charlie Sheen believers tryna win
Undercover Christians tryna witness and blend
Say they serve Christ but they smelling like mammon
Is holiness abandoned on a mixtape with Cannon?
This aint just bout Lecrae, homie I aint throwing shots
I'm praying for the homie, it's about to get hot
The furnace turned up seven times on flame
Our evangelistic efforts shouldn't make us look the same

This ain't no Hip Hop, yeah I said it run it back
No this ain't no Hip Hop, I'm Christian and I rap
Yall can call me legalist and treat me like a deviant
and you can flex your freedom, but it ain't always expedient
I ain't paying homage to a genre that is godless
When it's founders even tell you that they preach a different gospel
...see we don't need their recognition
We don't co-labor or collaborate, man we're Christian
They even tell you that it's not just music
and we tryna throw them stones at G Craige Lewis
The God of all eternity is writing these songs
There are centuries of people that are still reading Psalms
So beg your pardon if I don't fit in the culture
'cuz I stand out like a carcass in a desert full of vultures
I'm screaming "HIP HOP WILL DIE!"
Call this the great divide, because we serve a holy God

I guess I gotta wrap it up, really talking absinence
You master slip-ups, and then you call em accidents?
It's like you practice it, and then you package it
but Jesus made his following a fraction, John chapter 6
Just like Maximus, gladiators fall
We never been that strong, Jesus had to save us all
You see them souls on the line, we don't need you star struck
Eternity's in balance, homie please keep your guard up
I ain't say judge em, or don't Love them
Please do not forget that they're appointed to a judgement
Cuz if you meet your idol, you made have met your idol
So crucify your motives, cuz salvation's not a side note
Yeah it's Love, even though it sounds harsh
Look I'm not the Holy Spirit so I don't know your hearts
I'm just zealous for the Gospel, I ain't tryna ostracize
This is all out WAR on compromise
Track Name: Love Quest ft. Christon Gray

With a landscape sky, His hands made the world
Sovereign, and man's fate secure
My hands raised, I'm sure...
That I'm up in the pure, presence of the Lord
My heart is His canvas, This life is His canvas
His life was my ransom...the Author
Pen strokes blood and it's pristine
Man it's grace at the ceiling of the Sistine
Got my ear to the ceiling, 'cause I'm listening
For the sky crack, then I'm drifting
on a fly trap
Past Venus intravenous needle never in vein (vain)
You'd rather pull the plug than to see me in pain
So I die
I'm waking up to Jesus, fighting back tears at the sight of Him
Cuz I spent my life fighting Him...and I'm a black eyed loser
Smile on my face at the KO
I'm born again, just a day old
Not even that I'm an infant
Trying to get gone in an instant
His death was extensive, my debt was expensive
I saw His hands, the left was extended
See His right, was holding back wrath
So I'm holding back nothing, I'm a disappearing act
See I thought I was a charmer
Should've been dead, so I know this ain't karma
I'm trading this for Isaiah 6
I'm caught up in a flash flood
Keep raining I'm swimming in this grace
Forgiveness in His grace, the benefits of grace is crazy
I'm saying He SAVED me
Lift my eyes like Psalm 3
His Word is a mirror, my life is a mural
singing House of Heroes, "Lose Control"
My fuse is blown, I'm excited that you Love me
Wish you'd come sooner, trying to be a steward
I wish I was crooner, sort of like Sinatra
Power in this union, on that Jimmy Hoffa
With no mob ties, and no teamsters
Just the whole city lit up by Jesus
Just your face...man it's dust and grace like justice is paraphrased
Let that marinate
It's an off key serenade, I fall short beautifully
Because it gives opportunity...for this Love Quest


On the other side of midnight
Tired but inspired thus my pen writes
Still you woke me in my weakness
Captivate me as I rose to this beat fresh
The recess of my spirit and my mind reminding me to speak less
and think more...cuz Jesus I'm out of time
Just a few more days in the week left, but Jesus you're out of time
You don't live in my calendar
Its on your watch the sun be coming out to shine
Jealous, you gave me over to a shallow mind
Troubled, as I retreated to the mountain side
Sweet shepherd you are, supreme master
How could I ever leave your green pastures
Still waters, I'm still bothered around me but I'm learning how to share the Truth
Yup, yup not only when I'm in the booth
Spared to you from becoming passengers on this fallen flight called the world
Caused me to hurl, cuz I'm homesick
Simply trying to share the fruit, Come come- you'll need a parachute
I endeavor to warn them,
but Father there's no honor I endeavor to warm them, cuz they cold hearted
Fellow few became many, I watched them
They was full became empty, and I was with them
Trying to give them encouragement so I don't burn the bridge,
but I can't encourage sin
and Taelor known for them Facebook bulletins
Hoisting up the blood-stained banner
and I watch as they clam up, star fishes and sand dollars
With a heart to hear their fans holler
Man...better yet God, let me talk to you
How the church is fallen, like the autumn moon
and I've no real qualms with the auto tune
Except the fact that we lacking originals,
We tapped in like water with all the minerals
We just need water, Hip Hop is toxic
Rap is just the medium, we need to be the bottom
Rap is just the medium that you should be on top of...that's the proper algorithm
Then we should live it, without the rhythm
We should count the little things that God's done...and add the big things after
In the beginning was God's love, sin came after
How soon I be forgetting that as soon as He died, how soon I be forgiven
Before I was thought of, I already existed
and forever you sought us and made every provision
What manner of Love, and what caused us to question...when it is He who betrothed us and taught us to repent
Rented bodies, we just spiritual synagogues
We treat em wrong because we won't be in em long
and I'm the first to admit it God, I been involved...with idol worship
In your temple, please be gentle it's me Lord...I know I'm sinful
I ain't proud I'm ashamed Lord, but you still the same Lord
Man I'm looking for you, I'm still gon be Love Sick
As sure as the arrow needs the bow
and as sure as the marrow needs the bone, just rise me up Lord
I'm looking for you...